We develop amazing BI Dashboards that helps you understand exactly what is happening in your business. We can deliver dashboards using a variety of different software.

Our clients range from companies who have just started, to established enterprise sized organisations and everything in between. As every company is different, we have a range of services that we match with each client. We offer Business Intelligence  & data consultancy services but ultimately our core work is building incredible and insightful dashboards that make your data fly! Even if you are unsure about what you may want, we can offer up to date insights that will help your company become more efficient and effective.

BI Dashboard Design & Build

Every company wants something that’s a little different and therefore we offer our bespoke Design & Build service which takes you from inception to completion. We will listen to your requirements and sometimes ask one of our technical team to join the conversation. Our Solutions Architect will work with you to create a Statement of work and then our technical team will deliver a prototype (Version 1) and possible update to a Version 2.


Data Identification Extraction & Transformation

Data is everywhere – we work with you to understand where the data is , how to get it extract it on a regular basis. Once extracted it can then be transformed and what transformation is required before a dashboard is created for you. Extraction and transformation can take time but that’s what we are here for. Regardless of how much or how complicated we will work to ensure that your data is perfect prior to visualisation.


We can modernise various reports and utilise some of the amazing visualisations that were not possible with your existing system. Reports can be presented in different ways to align with your business. Data is collected from whatever feed you have, and the reports will be automatically updated. These reports in most cases can be added to your dashboards providing a holistic view of your business.

Managed Services

We provide a number of managed services to ensure that your dashboards are always up to data and when new opportunities arise, we can build or change existing dashboards as part of this service. When new opportunities arise, we can build or change existing dashboards as part of this service. Our Managed Services can be bought in advance for 6 months or a year or longer. We remove any worry and are always responsive. Additionally we will let you know what the very latest technology can do for you and how it will help you and your team save time and save money.