About us

We are business professionals that have been involved in driving the adoption of Software and Technology across multiple industries for many years. We have used this expertise to understand what the challenges are today for companies just like your company. We solved this by forming Green Plane and today we work with many clients turning their data into valuable insights. We found that most companies wanted to have the insights from multiple data collected over months and years and prior to the dashboards didn’t realise just how valuable the data was. 

We are passionate about turning data into insights and presenting information into amazing dashboards with incredible insights. It was also important to us to provide dashboards that were both pleasing to the eye but also simple to navigate.

We have continued to accelerate the adoption of dashboards with various technology stacks but most of all we wanted to ensure our clients were not only happy but delighted.

Welcome to our world, a world where we deliver BI dashboards that help you grow your business based on actual information rather than emotion!